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The medical staff of The Doctors are among the country's most prestigious. Joining our directory ensures that your name and clinic will appear only next to those of your fellow doctors with an outstanding career.

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Our goal is to identify the best doctors in each city and each medical speciality. To achieve this, we conduct a rigorous selection process comprising the following steps:

At Top Doctors, our goal is to identify the very best clinics for each city and medical speciality. We carry out a rigorous multi-steps selection process based on the following steps:

Surveys among doctors

1. Survey amongst doctors

In a survey, doctors and medical staff across the country nominate the centers of excellence for each speciality and sub-specialty.

Independent audit of ADECCO

2. Independent auditing by ADECCO

The consultancy Adecco Medical & Science reviews each nomination: its level of expertise, its years of experience as a specialised center, recognition and awards achieved, quality certifications obtained. We also evaluate the quality of the centre, its medical staff, the technology employed and the services offered, as well as its online reputation.

Warranty of the Medical Committee

3. Selection of the highest rated

The medical centers and clinics that are most nominated by physicians are prioritised for consideration.

Personal interview

4. Only Top centers or clinics

We only select among the leading medical centers in each city and for each speciality.

Patient satisfaction

5. Personal interview with the manager of the center

On a human level, patients value sensitive and empathetic treatment they receive just as much as quality of their professional medical treatment. In order to ensure this, before letting the clinic to join Top Doctors, we always interview its medical director.