Because we identify the best doctors for you

1. Because we identify the best doctors for you

At Top Doctors® we know that when we fall ill, we all want to have the best specialist at our side. To be able to identify the best doctors, for the last 25 years we have been using the world’s most rigorous doctor selection system. The system is so strict that only 10% of doctors have sufficient merit to be a part of our medical team par excellence.

Each Top Doctors® specialist has had to pass a process which starts with a recommendation from another doctor, continues with an external audit that reviews more than 10 criteria, and ends with a personal interview with our team. Additionally, the Top Doctors® Medical Committee, formed of internationally renowned doctors, ensures that excellence is maintained throughout the entire selection process.

Why we provide the latest technology

2. Why we provide the latest technology

Telemedicine, the Second Medical Opinion service, International Medical Tourism, our Symptoms Evaluator, Chat, Online Appointments... These are the latest advances in communications technology and we have developed them with a single objective: to help any patient gain easy access to the best medical team in the world.

We have overcome all the barriers between patients and doctors, whether these are territorial, spatial or temporal, so that patients can be attended from their own homes, at any time, with the most expert doctor for their case, and no matter the country in which they live.

Why we have the most reliable medical information

3. Why we have the most reliable medical information

A healthcare channel in which the greatest medical specialists explain the different pathologies, their causes and symptoms and, more importantly, the latest medical advances to treat them and the care plans to follow after the procedures.

Clear, direct content with simple language so that patients can find quality information about their case, with the tranquillity of knowing that all the texts were written by doctors specialising in those pathologies.

All of this is gathered together in more than 3000 medical articles, 1000 videos, an annual magazine and on our social networks, which you can follow so as to stay up to date with healthcare news.

Why we offer each patient a personalised service

4. Why we offer each patient a personalised service

We help patients to find the right specialist for their case, avoiding the need to go through various consultations. By simply entering your symptoms and answering a few easy questions, we can offer an initial diagnosis and suggest the specialist to whom you should go.

We have established ourselves as the company of reference for patients, with more than 10 million users worldwide who have trusted Top Doctors® to select their doctor. They trust us because they know that whichever doctor they choose, if that doctor is on Top Doctors®, they will have made the right choice.

Why we only have reviews from real patients

5. Why we only have reviews from real patients

Only the patients who have booked an appointment though us and who have gone to the consultation can leave a review on the doctor profile. We verify every comment to ensure that the opinion is real and that it was made through the doctor’s appointment.

Patients can rate the doctor’s bedside manner, the manner of the consultancy staff, the conditions of the facilities, whether they would recommend the doctor and, most importantly, they can write a review to help others who are in the same situation.

Why we help patients to manage their health

6. Why we help patients to manage their health

We help patients to take care of their health. We know how important it is to keep up to date with your medical check-ups, but you don’t always have the time to remember the date and manage the appointment.

That’s why, at Top Doctors®, we inform the patient of the date of their next annual check-up, we offer the option of instantly requesting a doctor's appointment online from their mobile and we remind them, via text message, of the time and date of their appointment.

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